How I Got Rich With Travel Ventures International by Being Totally Wrong

Travel Ventures International has a lot of strengths that you can leverage to make $10,000 really fast. However if you do not promote the business in the right way it can result in a bunch of your friends wondering why you are their friend. The reality is most people you know are not cut out for being an entrepreneur and the reason they have joined you in some of your crazy ventures is to either get you out of their office, to keep you as a friend because know one else likes them, or to have leverage over you in that when you inevitably fail they can say they told you so. Most people join because they want to help you and because most have a hard time telling a friend “no”.Whether the reason is obligatory, or diversionary, friends rarely join you in a home-based business to get rich. They do it to help you when in reality they should be doing it to help themselves. Travel Ventures International provides a really great product and almost too much value for what they charge for the private travel membership. I have had people ask me what the catch is.Look at the facts of Travel Ventures International for a moment and compare it against what you know about business:The cost for your private travel membership is less than $300 and this includes:- A 7 day, 6 night luxury vacation- A travel reservation engine that provides you bookings with a 110% guarantee.- A world class business opportunity that enables you to build your membership base in over 50 countries.- A professional website with back office business management tools that make your business totally paperless.- A team-oriented compensation plan that pays big and fast.- A bonus program that includes laptops, villas, luxury cars, European vacations and jets and yachts (sorry no toasters or gold watches).So we have a great opportunity for a low cost of entry, so how do people screw up and fail with Travel Ventures International? I have been through the express board because of two reasons; first I personally enrolled two members and I helped them enroll their two. AND, I told them not to enroll unless they did the same, otherwise they were wasting their money. I have over one hundred people in my organization and I only enrolled two.Here are the three major mistakes:Do not promote it like a money “board” game. It is a private travel membership club and if you refer two people you will qualify to earn a $500 bonus. If you help those two members do the same thing you will qualify to earn $10,000.Do not sign up people who do not have the ability to pick up the phone and enroll two people within 24-48 hours. This type of person will hold you responsible for your failureDo not sign people up and try to make them rich. If you sign anyone up because you want to make them rich your are going to spin your wheels and your sales matrix will eventually stall.Here is the greatest tip I can give you and feel free to pass this down to your members: Launch your boat in the right direction and do not promise to paddle for anyone else. If your new member does not have the drive or the credibility to sign up two people and help them do the same then you are wasting your time and their money.How you begin your Travel Ventures International business is key because people will copy what you do. If you try and make all your deadbeat friends rich so will your organization. If you make every member you sign up enroll two other members within the first 48 hours, chances are they will do the same.You need to identify the “why” for this business and the “how” will most certainly appear. Travel Ventures International provides great value without the gimmicks of most other network and MLM home based businesses. The private membership is a one time fee, there is NO autoship (what I like to call autodump) to fill up your garage, there are no ridiculous monthly website fees, no hotel meetings to attend and no needed.Anyone can become a success in Travel Ventures International if you heed the wisdom that is in this article. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at the top!

Traveling the World for Free

Traveling to different countries can cost several thousand dollars no matter where you travel. High priced flights, hotel fees and various expenses can put a huge damper on one’s wallet. There is however several ways that one can travel to foreign countries without paying any money from their own pocket. In fact with these programs it is possible to make money while volunteering for these organizations. Below is a list of four organizations that offer world travel for free or a very small fraction of the price of traveling alone.The Peace Corps: The Peace Corps is the most popular volunteer program in the world. With the current economy many college graduates are taking the route of the Peace Corps to travel the world. Offering two-year appointment in Africa, Asia and South America, the Peace Corps lets you travel to spots and help those less fortunate at the same time. Besides providing help to those in need, the Peace Corp also offers a decent stipend to its members.The United Nations: The United Nations volunteer program sends professionals from various walks of life around the globe. Not only does the United Nations pay for all your expenses, but they also foot the bill for airfares, vaccines, passports and medications that you may need. Volunteers also receive stipends and grants that are adjusted to fit the economy that you will be in during your efforts. The United Nations is always looking for people in certain fields and offer options from 6 months and beyond.Art Corps: The Art Corps is a program specifically designed for professional artists. The program uses art as a teaching tool and gives artists “hands on” opportunities to see some of the world’s greatest sites. This program requires some personal fund raising on the volunteers part, but the cost of travel is covered by Art Corps. Most assignments last about 11-12 This program places experts from the IT industry into countries that are just starting to use computers on a regular basis. The program covers living and travel expenses while providing a stipend to the individual. These placements are usually short-term lasting from 1-6 months at a time.Being young and independent gives you the freedom to travel the world, with no family commitments. Volunteering for one of these organizations will let you see people and places that you normally wouldn’t see, unless you had several thousand dollars. Each of these programs can easily be found via the Internet and exact program details can be found from their contact page.