Traveling the World for Free

Traveling to different countries can cost several thousand dollars no matter where you travel. High priced flights, hotel fees and various expenses can put a huge damper on one’s wallet. There is however several ways that one can travel to foreign countries without paying any money from their own pocket. In fact with these programs it is possible to make money while volunteering for these organizations. Below is a list of four organizations that offer world travel for free or a very small fraction of the price of traveling alone.The Peace Corps: The Peace Corps is the most popular volunteer program in the world. With the current economy many college graduates are taking the route of the Peace Corps to travel the world. Offering two-year appointment in Africa, Asia and South America, the Peace Corps lets you travel to spots and help those less fortunate at the same time. Besides providing help to those in need, the Peace Corp also offers a decent stipend to its members.The United Nations: The United Nations volunteer program sends professionals from various walks of life around the globe. Not only does the United Nations pay for all your expenses, but they also foot the bill for airfares, vaccines, passports and medications that you may need. Volunteers also receive stipends and grants that are adjusted to fit the economy that you will be in during your efforts. The United Nations is always looking for people in certain fields and offer options from 6 months and beyond.Art Corps: The Art Corps is a program specifically designed for professional artists. The program uses art as a teaching tool and gives artists “hands on” opportunities to see some of the world’s greatest sites. This program requires some personal fund raising on the volunteers part, but the cost of travel is covered by Art Corps. Most assignments last about 11-12 This program places experts from the IT industry into countries that are just starting to use computers on a regular basis. The program covers living and travel expenses while providing a stipend to the individual. These placements are usually short-term lasting from 1-6 months at a time.Being young and independent gives you the freedom to travel the world, with no family commitments. Volunteering for one of these organizations will let you see people and places that you normally wouldn’t see, unless you had several thousand dollars. Each of these programs can easily be found via the Internet and exact program details can be found from their contact page.